Quartz ÔÇô Silicone Dressing Gel

Quartz ÔÇô Silicone Dressing Gel

This revolutionary water-based gel is hugely versatile and gives incredible performance with none of the hazards associated with typical silicone dressings. Unlike most tyre dressings or exterior plastic dressings it is not flammable or harmful as it contains no dangerous hydrocarbon solvents. Because of this is it also virtually odour-free and gives off no vapour so it can also be used safely on engine and interior plastics.

Used as a bumper or plastic dressing it gives a high gloss, streak-free and long lasting water-repellent finish and, as it is a light gel, it is very easy to apply with no dripping or running. It can even be applied directly to wet plastic immediately after cleaning removing the need to manually dry the plastic, unlike solvent-based products.A7 using Travik valeting products

Used as a tyre dressing it can be applied incredibly accurately using a brush or sponge removing the need to clean drips or runs off wheels or panels. It leaves a dark, lustrous shine and is as long-lasting as most solvent-based products already on the market.

As it is not flammable it is supremely safe to use on internal plastics such as dashboards and door panels and engine bay plastics, including rubber hosing. This amazing formulation can replace several different products and is easy and safe for use by both individuals cleaning and caring for their pride and joy and by professional valeters looking to maximise their throughput without compromising on quality.
Available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers

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