Research and Development


Research & Development

Here at Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd we are capable of developing bespoke cleaning products for virtually any application. We have an experienced in-house R&D staff coupled with on-site laboratory facilities that allow us to design and test formulations and ensure we can scale-up to manufacturing volumes ready to meet customer demands.Research and Development

We appreciate that customers require products that fulfil many criteria, from the obvious importance of performance and health & safety concerns to cost, availability, lead time and cosmetic factors such as colour and fragrance. By working directly with customers and analysing their requirements Travik can offer tailored solutions to meet their exact needs.

Our expertise presently encompasses everything from basic washing up liquids to specialist cleaners and dressings for the motor trade and even shampoos for horses. We have a portfolio of thousands of formulations that already have been proven in a multitude of applications and can be used unchanged or customised to suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our products and service, this is the cornerstone of our business and our ISO9001:2008 certification guarantees our quality systems are stringent and well-managed. Giving you piece of mind knowing your product will always be of the required standard.

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