British Rail Labs Approved Formulations

One of the first areas Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd was founded on, offering a range of products developed in conjunction with British Rail and approved by their laboratories. Rail companies across the UK trust our products to give the required performance to keep their rolling stock spotless inside and out.

This market is very bespoke in it’s requests, so please call our dedicated team at Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd on 01325 307000 for further information.

Our products and cleaning chemicals are suitable for outside and inside situations.


B.R. SPRAID B.R.7/7071/7072Highly concetrated interior and exterior cleaner, neutral pH
B.R.GRIMESHIFTER CONC B.R.7/19958/19964Interior Cleaner - concentrate for dilution
B.R.GRIMESHIFTER WS B.R.7/19965/19966/32011Interior Cleaner - Working strength solution
CLEANER SOLUTION NONTECH B.R.7//68001/2Railway Specification Pressure Washing Fluid
CREAM CLEANSER B.R.7/19960 500MLGeneral use, abrasive hard surface cleaner
LASER B.R. 7/9085/9086Acidic carriage washing detergent for removal of brake block dust
QUICK BREAK EMULSIFIER B.R.7/25017Formulated to remove engine oil from cooling water systems
SPECIAL INTERIOR CLEANER B.R.7/20336/20338Improved interior & exterior cleaner
ALKALINE CLEANER B.R.698/2Caustic exterior cleaner
CAUSTIC SODA SOLUTION B.R.7/56040/56054Caustic solution for effluent neutralisation
MOD. HEAVY DUTY ALKALINE CLEANER B.R.7/21835Caustic exterior cleaner
HEAVY DUTY FLOOR CLEANER B.R.7/19968Railway Specification floor cleaner
OVEN CLEANER GEL B.R.7/38786Railway Specification cold application caustic oven cleaning gel
LEMON TOILET CLEANER B.R.7/149512Railway Specification toilet cleaner/descaler