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Originally founded As Travik Chemicals Ltd in 1974 and based in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham since 1985, Travik chemicals originally specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performance cleaning products for the Rail and Hygiene industries. As the business grew that product knowledge and range grew to include the Automotive, Marine and Industrial sectors. More recently we also became involved in the development of products for use in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Travik Main Entrance

Travik Main Entrance

In November 2010 Travik Chemicals were wholly purchased by Aquajet Cleaning Equipment Ltd and an exciting new chapter was started in the business. Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd now offers not only the experience and range of chemical products but we can now also offer the equipment and expertise for using these in a multitude of environments.

Our expertise presently encompasses everything from basic washing up liquids to specialist cleaners for the motor trade to shampoos for horses. We have a portfolio of thousands of formulations and an experienced R&D staff capable of developing bespoke cleaning products for virtually any application.

Contract Manufacturing:

Despite our long history and broad product base, chances are youÔÇÖll not have come across a product bearing our name. This is because Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd specialises in the development, manufacture and packaging of products for you, our customer.

As an industrial chemical manufacturer we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients and work with them to develop and supply the correct products to help them in their business.

Virtually every item we despatch is an own-label product and, thanks to the flexibility of our manufacturing team and our modern facilities we are able to provide this service to both very large and very small customers. We work with multi-nationals looking for hundreds of thousand of bottles of their branded products to single vehicle distributors who want to offer a wide range of attractive, own-branded products without the expense of purchasing vast quantities of stock.

At Travik we believe your own label should proudly proclaim your commercial image, it should be used to stimulate repeat orders and new enquiries. As we can handle virtually any type or size of container, closure and label, we can assist you in identifying the right packaging to reflect your product image. We can work with you to perfect the products you want to sell; then manufacture, package and supply these to you, or directly to your customers on your behalf.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our products and service, this is the cornerstone of our business and our ISO9001:20008 certification guarantees our quality systems are stringent and well-managed. Giving you piece of mind your product will always be of the required standard.

Branded Products

Products are sold under both the Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd brand and also under our sister companies brand, Aquajet Cleaning Equipment Ltd. Despite our large manufacturing scale we pride ourselves on also supplying excellent value, quality products direct to the end-user, even if they only wish to purchase a single item.

As innovators in chemical formulation many of our tried and tested products have benefitted from our experience in solving our customerÔÇÖs problems so we are confident our branded products offer the best possible performance and, as we manufacture these products at our site in Newton Aycliffe you can buy direct knowing there are no extra distributors costs inflating your prices.

Why Travik?


Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd are virtually unique in the breadth of products and knowledge they currently possess. We are active in the Automotive, Janitorial, Catering, Industrial, Marine, Agricultural, Equine, Pet care and Household sectors. However what really sets us apart from other companies is our flexibility in manufacturing.

With the equipment and facilities to produce thousand of bottles an hour for large-scale customers we are able to deal with the largest of orders with minimum lead times. Conversely we are also able to manufacture and package astonishingly low volumes of product for smaller-scale customers. Producing bespoke products in limited runs rapidly and reliably. With a vast range of off-the-shelf products ready to be labelled for our customers we can offer rapid order fulfilment with no minimum order requirements.

So if you are looking to launch a range of own-branded products or just need a product to tackle a difficult clean-up, give us a call or drop us an email, weÔÇÖll be happy to discuss your requirements, be they large or small.

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