Product Guidance Sheet


At Travik Chemicals, we have the facilities to produce a huge range of chemicals, that we develop in-house, pack into a variety of containers, sold in a range of sizes from 250ML to and IBC. We then ship through our agents or direct to the end user.

Our products are all developed and tested in-house, and we then produce guidance sheets for each product.

Information regarding our products will be posted here.


SPRAIDHighly concentrated, can be used on virtually any surface in varying dilutions, including textiles and upholstery. Easily removes oil, grease, nicotine and all manner of stains and soils.
AP2001Astoundingly versatile multi-purpose cleaner concentrate. Highly dilutable and gives great cleaning on virtually any hard surface. Very economical in use.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - AP2001
FLOOR POLISHMetalised, hard wearing, low-slip floor polish for vinyl floor coverings.
FLOOR MAINTAINERCleans and replenishes the polish on polished vinyl flooring.
FLOOR STRIPPERSpecially formulated detergent for removing old polish resiudes prior to re-application.
LIMESCALE PREVENT & REMOVERemoves limescale and reduces build-up in heating coils. Essential for maintaining Hot water pressure washer systems.
GLASS & MIRROR (New and Improved for Summer 2017)A highly effective streak-free and quick drying spray glass cleaner, great for removing road grime, bugs and tree sap from automotive glass and for the cleaning of dirt and grime from virtually any glass surface. Also suitable for use on transparent plastics, chromium, steel, laminates and ceramic tiles.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - GLASS MIRROR (New and Improved for Summer 2017)
CARPET SHAMPOO - DRY FOAMHighly concentrated dry-foam detergent for most carpets, simply brush or sponge in then vacuum off. Great for stain removal.
CARPET EXTRACTION FLUIDA concentrated surfactant blend for use in carpet cleaning machines. Can also be used for spot cleaning and stain removal. Fresh Linen fragrance
DEFOAM ADDITIVEHighly concentrated anti-foaming additive, can be mixed with cleaning solutions to limit foam production or added to waste water tanks in extraction machines to prevent foam build up.
GRAFITTI REMOVER GELA thickened, non-volatile solvent blend designed to effectively remove paint grafitti from a variety of surfaces. Low hazard and environmentally safe.
GUMBO CHEWING GUM REMOVERConcentrated additive for use with steam cleaning equipment. Softens and dissolves chewing gum in seconds.
TOILET CLEANER & DESCALERSimple and quick toilet cleaning. Removes Limescale build up.
WASHROOM CLEANER & DESCALERDilutable hard-surface cleaner for removal of soap residue and limescale.
TILE CLEANPowerful descaler and cleaner, ideal for e.g. swimming pool areas. Can be applied by mop then rinsed. Dilute to use with a clean, pine fragrance.
DISINFECTANT - VARIOUS FRAGRANCESQuaternary Disinfectant for general purpose use. Available in Cherry, Lemon, Pine and Bubblegum fragrances.
BANISH ODOUR NEUTRALISERDeodourising air freshener, neutralises odours rather than masking them.
AROMA 100Ultra-concentrated Air freshener. Can be diluted up to 1 part concentrate to 100 parts water before application. Available in 4 great fragrances: Lemon, Apple, Blueberry and Bubblegum.
LUXURY APPLE HAND SOAPPearlescent green, high quality hand soap with green apple fragrance.
HAIR AND BODY WASHAn all over hair and body shampoo, very economical in use.
MAGMAWorkshop hand scrub, gentle but thorough cleanser with powdered pumice abrasive for removal of oil and grease without drying the skin.
SAFE HANDSAlcoholic gel hand sanitiser, kills 99.9% of germs within 15 seconds. Simply rub in. Contains skin conditioners to soften and protect.
WASHING UP LIQUID (20%)High active detergent blend for manual cleaning of glassware, crockery and cutlery.
CATERING WASHING UP LIQUID (18%)Strong detergent blend for hygienic manual cleaning of glassware, crockery and cutlery.
PREMIUM DISHWASHER LIQUIDHigh-performance automatic dishwash liquid
PREMIUM CABINET GLASS WASHPowerful cleaner for use with automatic cabinet glass wash systems.
PREMIUM RINSE AIDConcentrated rinse additive for automatic dishwasher systems.
BEER LINE CLEANERPowerful line cleaner for trade use.
DETANN LIQUIDSpecially formulated for the removal of tannin stains from cups and equipment.
OVEN CLEANER GELA powerful, caustic gel for effective cleaning of commercial oven interiors and shelves/trays. Removes grease and burnt on soils.
AUTOMATIC OVEN CLEANERA very low foaming liquid detergent blend specifically designed for use in commerical ovens with a bulit-in cleaning system.