More recently Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd has expanded its range to include animal care products covering everything from pet care and domestic animals to livestock and companion animals. We offer products for cleaning and showing animals as well as for animal husbandry and care of associated equipment, e.g. Leather tack and saddles.

The list below offers just a few examples of the products we have produced, mostly branded for customers for onward retail. We can develop and customise products to meet your requirements including shampoo formulations containing essential oils, conditioning agents, fragrances and colours to suit your needs. Get in touch and let us help you build your business.

We have many Traffic Film Removers that are used within the Agricultural Industry, for use through High pressure washing facilities. They are available in bulk and can be shipped in IBC or 200 Litre containers.


Agriculture Cleaning Chemicals at work

Agri Industry in action

IBC of Chemical


TEA TREE SHAMPOOConcentrated shampoo with tea tree oil, clear pale straw colour.
JASMINE SHAMPOOConcentrated shampoo- white pearl finish with Jasmine fragrance
WATERLESS SHAMPOONo-rinse required spray shampoo for cleaning livestock - great for shows
LEAVE ON CONDITIONERA specially developed leave in skin and hair conditioner which combats static and softens and detangles hair, making grooming easier
MANE & TAIL DRESSINGSpray on dressing to give a high gloss finish to horses manes and tails, Citronella fragrance
LEATHER DRESSINGBlend of waxes and oils, cleans & feeds leaving leather glossy and supple.