New range of Traffic Film Removers under development

New range of Traffic Film Removers under development

Research and DevelopmentIn 2017 we are introducing a brand new range of Traffic Film Removers/Heavy Duty Cleaners to replace our current range. These new formulations utilise the latest developments in raw material chemistry and are designed to not only give even better cleaning performance but to reduce the hazards to both operator health and the environment.

Unlike virtually all TFRs presently on the market our new formulations are totally free from a commonly-used chemical called Nitrilotriacetic Acid, trisodium salt (usually abbreviated to NTA). We have opted to remove this from our formulations as this chemical is suspected of causing cancer.

Additionally we have formulated our new range of TFRs to contain less than 0.5% components that are classified as being hazardous to the environment and using detergents that are all classified as readily biodegradable, making them ideal for use with water reclamation systems.


  • Latest generation raw materials to give improved cleaning.
  • A synergistic blend of builders, chelates, detergents and rinse agents optimised to lift and break down soils, suspend them to prevent redeposition and rinse cleanly reducing streaks and water spots.
  • Reduced Health & Safety Classifications, free from NTA.
  • Contain less than 0.5% ingredients classified as hazardous to the environment.
  • All Detergents in the formulations are classified as readily biodegradable.

For further details please call the team at Travik Chemicals Ltd on 01325 307000